Hazel ‘The Teddy Bear’

Gender : Ewe
Pet name : Hazel

Breed name : Dove Syke, Hazel
Born : 01-03-1998

Hazel’s diary
Bought by us in 2003 (at 5yrs old) from Ted Wiggins at the Skipton Rare Breed Sheep Sale, from his well respected ‘Dove Syke’ flock (Hence the Dove Syke before her name).

We were lucky to be able to buy Hazel as she was a real looker and from good blood lines – only available as Ted was vastly reducing his stock.

She had a pretty, wide head and thick set body (a look I aimed to replicate in our future Greyfaces).
Hazel was to become the cuddly teddy bear of our flock.

She was one of three ewes we bought from Ted. Hazel along with Erica and Erin, were our first sheep and the three of them kindled our love of sheep.

Things took off after the arrival of our first stock ram ‘Buster’ and there was no looking back.
Hazel was very dear to me as she was one of our first breeding ewes and mother to our first ‘Stones’ flock lamb.

With us she had 2 breeding seasons and had 3 lambs:
• Pebbles (2005)
• Bluebell & Bradley (2006)

In 2006 we sold her to a friend in Haworth, as a companion sheep where she happily lived out her days.
(Hazel passed away only last year at a ripe old age of 13! bless her woolly socks)

Official sheepie details
Defra Number UK 132269
Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association number : 1998/0692/006
Sire: 5960 Bullhornstone Ram 302
Dam: DM 85/32/95