Dougal ‘Gentle Giant’

Gender : Ram
Pet name : Dougal

Breed name : Stones, Dougal
Born : 18-04-2008

Dougal’s diary
Dougal is one of our latest a homebred rams born 18th April 2008. He has a ‘Stones’ mother (Bronte) and a ‘Coppice Side’ father (Errol) and was a twin lamb with brother Donald.

From day one Dougal was a looker, he had a wide strong head and plenty of size to him. He was twice as big as his twin brother and was very lively and playful. We had big hopes for Dougal and have kept him entire as a breeding ram for use in our flock, being careful not to inter breed.

Unlike his grandfather (our aggressive stock ram Buster) Dougal has a very kind nature and is never pushy or stroppy which is a good thing given his substantial size.

He has masses of lovely woolly curls and struts around the field like he owns it. A lovely broad head, nice markings and sturdy stature makes Dougal a very magnificent sheep. Dougal is the nearest ram we have in looks to our old favourite Buster and for this fact is very dear to us.

He is a pretty boy and a gentle giant with all the super characteristics of a typical Greyface Dartmoor.

Official sheepie details
Defra Number UK 132269-054
Sire : Coppice Side, Errol (2) DM7314
Dam : Stones, Bronte DM2006/0924/001