Dolly ‘The Bit Of Posh’

Gender : Ewe
Pet name : Dolly

Breed name : Mudd’le, Dolly
Born : 01-03-2003

Dolly’s diary
Bought by us in 2004 (at 1yr old) from Mrs E Dawson of Shrewsbury, at the Chelford Rare Breed Sheep Sale, from her prize winning ‘Mudd’le’ flock (Hence the Mudd’le before her name).

Dolly came from a prize winning home. Mrs E Dawson has a prolific record of prizewinning with her Mudd’le flock of Greyface Dartmoor. Her sheep dominate shows to this day and win many championship trophies across the board, so were better to look to buy a young ewe on which to establish our future ‘Stones’ flock.

I could see in the sales ring that Dolly had a certain ‘something’. She was only young but we could see her potential as a good breeding ewe. She had an endearing gentle manner about her and a lovely long curly fleece. We bought her along with another pretty Mudd’le ewe ‘Dotty’ and the two of them went on to provide strong foundations for our own ‘Stones’ flock. (Dolly and Dotty’s pet names were taken from two lovely old dears that lived in our village at the time.)

Dolly soon became known as our ‘bit of posh’ due to her good breeding and model looks and was a particular favourite of mine as she was a real darling, a great mother and a joy to have around the place.

With us Dolly had 7 lambs:
• George (2005)
• Byron & Bronte (2006)
• Charlie & Charlotte (2007)
• Derek & Doris (2008)

In 2008, at the age of 5, we sold her at the Chelford Rare Breed Sheep Sale – a sad sale, but we had to make way for younger ewes to start off our own flock.
(Miss you Dolly)

Official sheepie details
Defra Number UK 701672
Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association number : 2003/0648/013
Sire: 5960 Higher Haye, (20) DM6653
Dam: DM1992/0569/