Bronte ‘The Beautiful’

Gender : Ewe
Pet name : Bronte

Breed name : Stones, Bronte
Born : 05-03-2006

Bronte’s diary
Bronte was one of twin homebred lambs (brother Byron) born spring 2006 in our second year of lambing.

Bronte came from the best stock we had at the time; from our prize winning ram ‘Buster’ (a magnificent if not belligerent ram) and from ‘Dolly’ (our ‘bit of posh’ from the prize winning ‘Mudd’le’ flock of Mrs E Dawson of Shrewsbury bought 2 years pervious).

Bronte didn’t disappoint, she was stunning and one of my all-time favourite ewes. Like her mother she had a lovely fleece and a wide pretty head. She was gentle and loving and a wonderful mother to her lambs. Bronte was a beautiful sheep and very affectionate – we loved her dearly.

With us Bronte had two lambs:
• Dougal (2008)
• Donald (2008)

It was the intention to sell Bronte ‘in lamb’ in the spring of 2008, but I couldn’t bear to part with her, so we kept her until she’d delivered and raised her first lambs (twin rams). She spent the summer with us before we eventually sold her at Chelford Rare Breed Sales in Sept 2008 (along with 5 of her half-sisters). Wished we could have kept Bronte, she was a beautiful and kind hearted sheep and one of the best ewes we have ever produced.

We kept one of her ram lambs ‘Dougal’ who has now become our current stock ram. Dougal turned out to also be a magnificent creature – thank you Bronte x

Official sheepie details
Defra Number UK 132269-009
Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association number : 2005/0924/001
Sire : Ty Capel, Pendragon (aka Buster) DM6426
Dam : Mudd’le, Dolly DM1995/0648/013