Bluebell ‘The Sweatheart’

Gender : Ewe
Pet name : Bluebell

Breed name : Stones, Bluebell
Born : 01-03-2006

Bluebell’s diary
Bluebell was one of twin homebred lambs (brother Bradley) born spring 2006 in our second year of lambing.

We had high hopes for Bluebell as her parents both had the ‘look’ we were aiming for in our Greyface flock. ‘Buster’ her sire was a magnificent if not belligerent ram that was very dear to our hearts and her dam was a wide faced and stocky ewe ‘Hazel’ who we had bought from a prize-winning flock 3 years previous.

Bluebell and Bradley couldn’t have been more different. Bluebell was a massive ewe lamb – well set, healthy and strong. Bradley on the other hand, although a ram, was half her size and looked rather pathetic. Bluebell continued to grow in size and strength and became one of our most prized ‘Stones’ flock ewes. She won trophies in many show outings as a lamb and shearling and was a favourite with all the show’s visitors for her sweet nature.

Bluebell had no lambs with us but was carefully sold ‘in lamb’ to her new owner. She was one of four ewes we sold in the spring of 2008 at the York Rare Breed sale.

Gentle and calm, Bluebell was a real sweetheart, it broke our hearts to part with her and I’m sure that she went on to have some lovely lambs of her own.

Official sheepie details
Defra Number UK 132269-008
Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association number : 2005/0924/003
Sire : Ty Capel, Pendragon (aka Buster) DM6426
Dam : Dove Syke, Hazel DM1995/0692/006