Blossom ‘The Cutie’

Gender : Ewe
Pet name : Blossom

Breed name : Stones, Blossom
Born : 08-03-2005

Blossom’s diary
Our first homebred lamb, Blossom was always going to be special. She was a twin lamb (brother Ben) from one of our original flock starting three ewes called Ellen. Both her mother and father had great bloodlines and Blossom turned out to be a cracking ewe.

Blossom inherited her mother’s gentle characteristics, a lovely fleece, pretty face and soulful big brown eyes. She was a favourite ewe of mine and stayed with us for 5 years and established herself as a firm favourite with our young children – she was always a real cutie.

With us Blossom had 5 lambs:
• Dinkerbel & Daphne (2008)
• Edward & Esther (2009)
• Fergus (2010)

Sold in Aug 2010, at the age of 5, Blossom helped another local family to establish their own flock of Greyfaces, just as we had done 7 years before.

(Sadly and unexpectedly Blossom passed away in spring 2012, at the age of 7, after producing a lovely pair of lambs for her new owners. Let’s hope her cuteness lives on in her new lambs as it has with ours.)

Official sheepie details
Defra Number UK 132269-003
Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association number : 2005/0924/003
Sire : Ty Capel, Pendragon (aka Buster) DM6426
Dam : Dove Syke, Ellen DM1995/0692/006